an actress

Last spring I went to an audition in a movie after a week they called me and told me that I got a part in the movie. The shoots started in June and I was working for like ten days. The working hours were different every day it depended on how many scenes we had a day. It was definitely the best summer ever.

I liked acting very much. It was fun and a beautiful experience for me. Everyone was very nice to me and I had just such a wonderful time with the actors and the film crew. I learned much about acting and it was interesting to see how to make a movie. The director was awesome and all the actors were lovely. There weren’t any downsides, I liked everything.

There were many good perks like delicious food, transportation, wonderful people, good salary and such a beautiful experience.

The skill that you need the most is that you have to get along with all kinds of people. If you are very shy that could be a little problematic because you have to be ready to give oneself up to different kinds of situations and you have to liberate yourself from things like shame. Humility is very important if you want to become a good actress or an actor, you can’t be too chuffed but you have to be self-confident because in this profession there are so many competitors and if you are not confident it is very hard to get over difficulties. In acting there is so much disappointment and competition that you have to be a strong person to get over disappointments and try again.

I would say that it is not easy to be turned down in many places like actor schools and the castings, but when you get one victory it is easier to continue and start to believe in yourself more. I think that people think too much that “I can’t do this, I am not good enough” but if you are ready to work hard, everything is possible in the world. You just have to believe in yourself and go after your dreams. That is the golden rule that you have to repeat yourself over and over to say “I can do this” it is the same in any profession that you want to do.

Some acting advice: Don’t ever look straight at the camera when you are shooting at the movie. when the director says “action” the scene starts and when he says “thank you” it’s over, you can’t stop until the ” thank you” is said. Be ready to improvise if necessary.

Some acting words 😀

  • director= ohjaaja
  • assistant= avustaja
  • producer= tuottaja
  • manager= manageri
  • costumer= puvustaja
  • props= rekvisiitta
  • The head actor= päänäyttelijä
  • project schedule= projektin aikataulu
  • camera-man= kuvaaja
  • supporting actor= sivunäyttelijä
  • scene= kohtaus
  • scenery= maisema

One of my favorite actors James Dean.

 Angelina Jolie on “Inside Actors”

By Kerli


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