a telemarketer

I was last summer job in telemarketing business and first I thought: ”Ou that will be nice” and couple days later I know that every day is different and some day you sell magazines and some other day you don’t sell them.

I get that job calling them and next week they invited me interview and then i get training how cell people magazines and then I get to work. First day was nice because I already started that job. When I don’t sell much anything I changed magazine and that going roll on.

Our hourly wage formed two case: number of hours and how many magazines we sell. Example: you are a seven hours work and you sell five magazines -> then you pay are 7×7 if you sell less than five -> then you pay are 7x that much how you have sell and same ways your pay rise when you sell more than 7 magazines.

So if you sell seven hours 10 magazines then your day rent is 70 euro. And If you sell only four magazines your day rent is 28 euro.

But I will remember you that this job every day is different because you sell every day another people. Peoples which you sell magazines changed daily so you have to tell same thing over and over again different people.

I can admit that – first I enjoy working there ’cause there was excellent atmosphere, other cell persons are very friendly and nice. Even bosses are youthful and helpful. Whole atmosphere are trendy and youthful: there was play hit music and that place located middle of city ( Espan nearby).
The only negative thing that job was that about paid so little. And if you don’t sell enough then you get depress ’cause everybody else sells but you don’t. And that was very often frustrating.

There was also uncomfortable clients who might tell you that you are suck telephonemarkering or you are too tight or you speak too fast etc.

So it’s true: telemarketing business fits that kind people who has a good confident.

If you get their job you carry remember few things:

  1. People which you sell might say you: ” I have already and I don’t like it” or ”I don’t want a bag or anything else!” ”I’m just now very busy and if I be honest, I don’t interested your magazine!”
  2. You must be calm and polite and you don’t get angry.
  3. You should explain your appreciable kindly and so that your client understand you neither experimental that you pushing your magazine for him.
  4. This work requires a lot patience so be ready and prepare take with you some good snacks so you can smile and perk up.
  5. Remember always smile in the phone! Other persons hear that 😉



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