a grounds keeper

I’ve been working as a grounds keeper on my uncles mansion for some summers now.

Working as a grounds keeper is not so challenging but it requires some muscle to be able to work.

The work consists of keeping places clean and looking good. That means mowing the grass, pulling weeds and painting walls. Sometimes the buildings need some repairing or trees some chopping. And you get drive a over driven mower!

On hot summer days there is some danger of catching the “Why I’m working while the weather is so good and the beach is right next to me” -syndrome. But because you don’t have to work all day and get to go swimming after work, all thoughts of any syndromes disappear as the clock turns five.


One Response to “a grounds keeper”

  1. Ms Leino May 10, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    You must get a fantastic tan working as a groundskeeper!

    – uncle’s = sedän
    – get TO drive an “over-ridden”???
    – why AM I working (kysymyksissä käänteinen sanajärjestys)
    – clock STRIKES

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