a chocolate expert

Well, I work in Kaakaopuu Oy. It’s a cafe where they sell chocolates and those chocolates come from Belgia where they are made. In my job you must know english, finnish, swedish and little bit french. If you know russian that’s a big plus. Anyway, my work is to sell chocolates, serve and make good drinks. In chocolates there are french names so you have to know whats in it before you can sell it. English is a part of everyday life. Many customers speak english so automatically you speak with them english. Also our drinks are in english, if you don’t remember how to make for example a cacao maya you have to read it in a book where the text is in english.  English is a part of everyday life. Many tourists come to buy our chocolates or just to sit and drink cappuccino. Without knowing english it is hard to communicate and understand people.


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