a berry salesperson

I was working under an entrepreneur whom I was already familiar with since he also have been working in the same company as my dad and have visited our house quite a few times. As my title says, I have worked as a berry salesperson. It was a summerjob but I worked 2 summers for him, and it was amazing experience. The downside was that it sometimes got kinda boring but thank goodness there was an oldfolks-home nearby and those lovable seniles came there often to talk to me about everything and kept me company for many hours. Plus I got to eat as much berries as I wanted and I even decided to taste chanterelle and boy it did NOT taste good. There were no official breaks but there was so much standing around that you didn’t even need it. You just need to know how to handle money and many other stuff but you just learn it by doing it. That’s how I learned everything. I need to also understand swedish which was very hard for me.

Here are 10 words you should know while working in there

Blåbär = Blueberry

Jordgubbe = Strawberry

Ärt = Pea

Kantarell = Chanterelle

Hallon = Raspberry

En liter = One liter

Fyra och femtie = Four euros and fifty cents

Nej, vi ta inte visa electron = No, we do not take visa electron

Ja det kostar mycket = Yes, it is expensive

Tack och hej = Thank you and bye bye

By Takala


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