a babysitter

I got my job accidentaly last autumn. A new family in our neighborhood saw a friend of mine and asked if she would like to have a little job as a babysitter, but she’s too busy with her hobby. So she asked if I would like to have it and that’s how I got my job. Now this spring another family in our neighborhood called me and asked if I could come to see their kids too. So I kind a like have two jobs now.

The perks about my job is that it’s so near, I only have to walk three minutes ! And the kids are really nice. First family has a one 9-year-old girl and the another has a 7-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Both families also has a dog.

I can’t find any downsides about my job, but if I have to I would say that it’s not a regular. But often I’m happy that it’s not…

Usually I do an evening like from 4pm to 11pm, but the kids go sleep around 9 or 10pm so the last hour is just watching TV with a dog. That’s the only break I have but it’s fine because I just spend my evening with the kids. It doesn’t feel like working.

The salary is great for me and it’s based on what the professionals cost.

About the skills that are required.. I think the most important thing is that you are very patient. The kids go first and I have to do what they want to do. ( I mean about the plays.. ) The kids are like my boss, because if they don’t like me, I wont be called again.

What I have learned is that take time to put kids in beds. They are not like me when I’m supposed to go to sleep at 10pm and I have 10minutes. They always find out something they have to do before going to sleep.

Good phrases

  1. If you do… , I will give you…
  2. 10 minutes and then, okay ?
  3. You don’t want to see me geting angry, do you ?
  4. Let’s play that…
  5. Let’s race who… fastest !
  6. You know your mom/dad won’t be happy if you don’t…

By Veera


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