Hey !

I’m almost 19 years old girl from Finland. I’m still in high school because I was a little bit over 6months in Japan as an exchamge student, near Tokyo.

I love fashion, including like everything. Couture~ First I though go to university amd become an interior designer. But now I have decided to go for fashion, even it’s a hard industry.

I would love to go to a japanese nail art school, so maybe i’ll do it after the high school.. I really think my future isn’t in Finland.



One Response to “Veera”

  1. Ms Leino March 8, 2011 at 5:55 am #

    Yo Veera!

    You have very exotic plans and I am sure travelling the world would suit your personality perfectly! Don’t forget that a degree in something (like fashion from the University of Art and Design) definitely paves the way to a more successful and secure future. There’s nothing wrong with hands on experience, but even abroad, it’s easier to make it once you’ve studied the industry and languages, of course 🙂 Good luck though, I am sure you’re up for the challenge! Don’t forget me when you’re rich and famous, I love pretty dresses like any other girl 😉

    – I am AN almost 19-year-old (19-vuotias) girl
    – I thought I WOULD GO (konditionaali: menisin)
    – even THOUGH it’s hard
    – i = I (ALWAYS!)

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