I’m 18-year old high school girl. After high school I have planed take year off.  I wish I get some job, I wuold like to  work in shop. Maybe in clothes shop or grocery.  I’m good at working with people and I like helping them.  Working in clothes shop wuold be  terrific because I love fashion.  When  I have worked couple year and maked  money,  I will apply for in university, but I dont know yet where and what kind of school.


One Response to “Noora”

  1. Ms Leino March 3, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    Your plans are very realistic and well-justified. I’ve heard you can get excellent discounts when working in a clothes store. You would always be trendy! 😉

    – AN 18-year-old girl
    – I plan to…
    – I HOPE to get a job
    – make, made, made
    – apply TO university, apply FOR a job

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