I’m an 18-year-old upper secondary school student. My interests include skepticism, comic art, civil rights, Stephen Fry and kittens. I’m introverted, curious and have a good sense of humour, so a career in pedagogics lies in my future.

Those who can’t do, teach. I never intend to stop learning, and teaching would be a good way to keep my knowledge up to par. That, and people in the larval stage interest me.

I will apply for a student place at the University of Helsinki, where I plan to study pedagogics. The programme is strict, but I would like to learn a few more languages as well. Preferably Arabic, Somali and/or Hindi. If the class teacher thing doesn’t work out, I’ll get a degree and start teaching English. Maybe become a professional equalist.

From what I can see, working as a class teacher makes a madman out of the best of people. The days are long and stressful even when the kids get out early, and the co-workers are just as stressed as you are. I’m not hoping for a high salary as I don’t plan on raising a family, but I’d like to keep myself afloat.


One Response to “DMuhonen”

  1. Ms Leino March 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Wow, Somali is such good idea with so many immigrants in Finnish schools today. I wish I had realized that when I was younger…

    I highly recommend teaching and I swear, it’s not always stressful as long as you plan your timetable well and learn to laugh at yourself. When a teacher takes herself and her profession too seriously, you will lose your last marbles for sure!

    You say you are introverted, no matter! I think this would be the perfect profession for you because the kids will definitely bring you out of your shell. They have a tendency to force adults to be extroverts 😉 In a good way.

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