The film industry

“Cinema is a web of influences and stories which overlap”

17. March cultural producer Anna Möttölä came to our school to give us a presentation about the ruthless film industry and power.

Möttölä is a 26-year-old recently graduated student from Turku University. She spent 8 months in Australia as a University exchange student and studied the history of Australia; aboriginal culture and documentary films there.

She told us about Film Classics – a series for youngsters, provided by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, and what the film industry is about.

The biggest companies are Warner Bros. Pictures and 20th Century Fox. In the film industry, money is an important factor. Money is power and power is money. Most of directors are male and so it is called as boys club. City of Helsinki Cultural Office will present the Piano movie, whose director Jane Campion has made her status in boys club.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy brought a lot of money to New Zealand and now the country has made a contract with Warner Bros. Pictures to film the new Hobbit movies there, instead of Canada or somewhere else.

Finland is a small market because of the low numbers of theaters. That’s why we won’t get all the films here and the screening of Citizen Kane is an exclusive because the rights were tied up for so long.

This springs theme was also power, which is a popular subject in films. Power can be political, about money, media or gender, or propaganda. Wars is also a popular subject.

Anna Möttölä’s presentation was interesting and multifarious, and it opened up the world of movies for us. It also ignited a desire to know more.

Article by Veera


One Response to “The film industry”

  1. Kerli April 10, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Hey Veere :), good job! I Think that it was very Interesting to hear about the film Indrusty. And it is true that the moust of directors are male. I think that there should be more female directors. It is fanny to think that what is the reason why male directors are more famous than female.I would like to see the Piano movie, I have heard that it is very stunning movie. 🙂 After all I liked very much the english 9 course! 🙂

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