Scene 1-

Hero walks out of some store and looks his wallet. Close camera-angle to the wallet, it’s emtpy, camera moving up to our hero, he looks at the wallet and looks to the distance sadly.

Scene 2-

Hero laying on the couch, girlfriend reads magazine,

girlfriend ”Honey? GET A JOB OR I’LL LEAVE YOU.”

Hero reads magazine, he finds something, Calls immediatly

Hero ”Um.. öömm…. Job?” (or something mumbling)” see ya. bye.

(music starts on the backround: Men at work – Land down under)

Scene 3-

(music still playing)

Hero on the computer, typing. Camera shoots close, to the monitor. Monitor says something lame kind of CV like ”Name. Pekka. Last job. Coffeemaker.” etc etc.

Scene 4-

(Music still playing)

Hero watches to the closet and graps some clothes. Next thing you see, he is dressed, looking like some hobo or something.

Scene 5-

(music fades away)

Hero walks up to the door, knocks and mumbles out loud ”here we go”

Video fades to black, and then slowly fades back from the black, and camera is shooting right outside principals office and our hero is just sitting in there, (some sad music on the backround) the principal tears the CV and slowly shakes here head, saying NO.

Scene 6-

Hero comes out sadly. Then sees James businessman with the ladies(GIRLFRIEND + some girl), walking by.

The song All things just keep getting better, starts to play and everything goes really fast as the gay/lesbian/trans/women/fab/-thename- 5/4/somenumber comes and drags our hero to somewhere, music still playing, as the women point to the newspaper, hero reads

(Text: Find a job. Try magazines or internet), and women give him the phone, music quiets a littlebit, our hero calls and he is grinning through the whole phoneconversation (Text: Be polite.) ”Well hello. You got a minute? I heard you had job opening and i’ve got my eye on that position. Is it possible to come for an interview sometime tomorrow? Great. Have a pleasant day, and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye” (or something like that)

Music comes back, Women drag him to  the computer, and show him a picture of James Bond on a piece of paper, and hero starts to write. (Text: Write a CV.) Camera shows that his CV is looking awesome(Name: Blistex, Pekka Blistex(??) , Last job status: Awesome)

and then the women do him a makeover, and choose him something to wear, suit maybe. (Text: Dress nicely. [Like you’re visiting old relatives])  The women then drag him to some place with door and a clock and point at the clock. (Text: Be there on time.) Music fades away.

Scene 7-

The camera shoots the newboss/interviewer from various angles, heartbeat plays in the backround. Camera shows our hero. He is grinning like he has won the lottery and there are two women(who were with jamesbusinessman before) touching our heros shoulders and just admiring him. Then the boss nods and says ”welcome to our company” Or something.

By Takala


4 Responses to “Script”

  1. Ms Leino February 14, 2011 at 10:54 am #


  2. Kerli February 14, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Very good Job Takala ! :)) I like my role ! :DD wonderfull script ! 🙂

  3. Ms Leino February 15, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    First of all, thanks for all your hard work Takala! Without you we would be lost… The script is already super funny and I love the idea, but here are some suggestions that I would like to make in order to make it slightly more educational.

    Scene 3: Could our hero be late for the interview (hungover?) and could we show him slouching on the chair with a baseball hat on?

    Scene 6: Could we actually show him having his picture taken properly for the CV and typing an official CV, something similar to what you’ve done in class?

    Scene?: Could we have one more scene with him at the interview shaking hands appropriately and answering at least one question like: “You don’t have a lot of job experience, why not?” “Well, I’ve been focusing on getting a good education, but now I’m ready to get a job and work hard. I’m very ambitious…”

    The music is going to be tricky. Youtube quite systematically deletes all the videos that have illegal music and we don’t have any copyrights. We could play one of these songs in the background if our hero puts the song on by actually clicking a CD player and playing it on the speakers. Or we could just use free sound samples available on iMovies (I could bring my MacPro and we could edit it on my laptop). What do you think?

    Wardrobe, props, makaup, any ideas???

    PS The WordPress editor’s proofread (ABC) button fixes all the spelling mistakes when blogging 🙂

  4. DMuhonen February 15, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    everything goes really fast as the gay/lesbian/trans/women/fab/-thename- 5/4/somenumber comes

    As for the music, you could turn to It’s royalty free.

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